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FUYOH!!! 虎友(富有)系列

The Year of the Tiger is roaring in! To usher in the new Lunar Year, UNBOX presents four unique food curations!


Childhood flashback! What was your favourite snack growing up? Have a go spinning the handle and let each surprise ball bring back the good old treats you might've forgotten about.

Remember those good old days without smart phones when we used to sneak fun games to school? In this YOUNG AT HEART 老玩童 set, UNBOX brings back fond memories of simple games we all grew up with which may not be familiar to the current generation. Have fun reminiscing while sharing the joy with your loved ones.


Tips : Look up on the internet or ask ur gorgor & jiejie on how to play these fun games!

The CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN NUTRIENTS set is our modern take on a traditional mini herbal shop to nourish your closest family and friends. An antique style medicinal wooden cabinet filled with nutritious ingredients specially curated by Chai Huat Hin for your loved ones. This set comes with an auspicious paper carrier.

To provide you with ingredients of the best quality, UNBOX collaborates with Chai Huat Hin. It was founded in 1972 by Mr Lim who was fondly known to regulars as the Smiling White Haired Uncle 开心果,白头老“. The business started off as a little street stall at the old Central Market and focused on trading dried seafood products and other oriental condiments and sauces.

Today, Chai Huat Hin continues to provide the very best and freshest ingredients through new and unique products. Keeping up with modern trends, the brand is also available digitally via CHH online which provides door-to-door delivery services.

Repurposing Idea : This antique style medicinal wooden cabinet with a handle is perfect as a tea set carrier when you're catching up with your friends on the latest gossip.


In the olden days, meat was considered a luxury that not everyone could afford. It was only served on special occasions. Today, Bak-Kwa is a popular Chinese New Year treat and a lavish gift to share with family and friends as a symbol of Prosperity and Good Luck.

SPIN.TIGERS.SPIN is dedicated to all Bak-Kwa lovers. UNBOX collaborates with BAK-OFF by Oloiya, to bring you 50 pieces of BBQ goodness with 10 delicious flavours to choose from.

Spin the Tigers and let Lady Luck decide on your fateful flavour! Burn off the calories too with the fun "punishments" we've cheekily planted on the reverse of each card. 

Founded in 1970 by the late Mr Khue Chow Kong alongside his wife Mdm. Chin Keon Yock, Oloiya revolutionised the industry and has since positioned dried meat as a premium Chinese New Year gift. Oloiya's continuous success into the 1990's has earned them the title of King of Dried Meat under the management of Mr Khue's sons. The brand is now managed by the third generation and continues to innovate and offer unique products to suit modern taste. The BAK-OFF product line with its bold identity attracts the younger generation via new channels including social media and e-commerce. Get The Bak Off and enjoy some Bak-Kwa!
Repurposing Idea : Eliminate morning headaches of choosing socks especially when you're already running late! This wooden carrier with its compartments is perfect to organise your cute funky socks.


Back by popular demand, we bring to you the NEW BENG CHAI HONG 新饼仔巷!

Enjoy "Jalan-Jalan Makan Biskut" as UNBOX brings you delicious baked confectioneries from two renowned bakeries from the cities best known for scrumptious food; Ching Han Guan from Ipoh & Wise Chef from Malacca

Housed in our hand-drawn illustrated carriers are four mini old-school biscuit tins containing individually sealed peanut candies and pineapple tarts.

The designs from each of the biscuit tins are inspired by old-school shop fronts featuring nostalgic signboards, mosaic tiles and window frames. 

Liven up your home with a mini herbs garden using the retro biscuit tins to grow your favourite herbs in.

We hope you enjoy our curations.

Have a Roaring Tiger year ahead!