2020's been bitter-sweet for us, a unique year to say the least. If not for MCO, RMCO, CMCO... all things ending with a "CO"UNBOX may still be sitting on our team's bucket list of things to achieve. Embarking on this new journey, we've learnt so much & have so many things to be thankful for. To celebrate, we're packing the year up in a suitcase and sharing some love with our friends as we press the reset button & look forward to flying into the new year.

We miss travelling oh so much! We love year end celebrations too and we'd like everyone to still have fun, nonetheless safely. We picked our brains & thought, why not curate a suitcase of treats? A suitcase that's a little raw & rough, filled with much delight to discover; just like how 2020 has been for many of us.

So here's a complete ready-to-party set with snacks, mains, desserts & drinks for our friends to enjoy a cozy party at home. We envisioned a night where everyone chatter about the year gone by & what they look forward to in 2021, perhaps their next holiday destinations whilst prepping food and drinks together as they celebrate.


While we can’t physically travel yet, our tummies surely could! And so, UNBOX packed treats of flavours from around the world with some help from our lovely partners; Coley, Jaslyn Cakes, My Pizza Lab and Sauce Lab.

To kick-start the night, we have freshly made Nachos paired with irresistible Signature Basil Pesto and Roasted Garlic Aioli Dips by Sauce Lab. The starters do come with some recipe ideas to turn these delicious dips into main courses but we doubt the dips will last till then, they'll be gone in no time! 

Aloha to a DIY Hawaiian Pizza Kit by My Pizza Lab for our friends to go wild with creativity as they roll, press and stretch their dough topped with pizza sauce, juicy pineapple chunks, roasted chicken chunks and lots of cheese! We can't wait to see their creations & perhaps some will show us the mess they've created in their kitchen too? 😉 

They say there's always room for desserts, we can't agree more! These tempting sweet fluffy Buttercake cupcakes frosted with Vanilla Buttercream & Chocolate Malt frosting by Jaslyn Cakes come with pretty dried flower buds and petals, a sprinkle of gold and whimsical typewritten banners for our friends to be imaginative and have fun decorating with. They come with a candle too so make a wish and blow it out!

No awesome party goes without a proper toast! Cheers to the new year with these refreshing concoctions by Coley; Pisco with Roselle and Gin with Yuzu Honey cocktails for the naughty ones whilst the nice ones enjoy the Lychee & Rose Lemonade and Yuzu Honey mocktails. We know how important it is for the gram, so we made sure to include some garnishing for each drink too. Yum Sing!

Are you ready to party yet? We hope you've been inspired by our curation and have a fabulous celebration with your loved ones, party safe peeps! UNBOX wishes you a Happy New Year ahead!

P/S : Stay tuned for our exciting new collection which we'll be rolling out very soon once 2021 arrives, we can't wait!